Category 3 Stars

The Black Unicorn, by Terry Brooks

Title: The Black Unicorn Author: Terry Brooks Genre: Fantasy Edition/Pages: Kindle Edition Rating: ✭✭✭ Short & Sweet Synopsis: Ben Holiday, ruler of the kingdom of Landover, has his identity stolen by magic, and he must prove to his friends that he really is the High Lord before it’s too late to save his kingdom and all […]

Magic Kingdom for Sale — SOLD!, by Terry Brooks

Title: Magic Kingdom for Sale — SOLD! Author: Terry Brooks Genre: Fantasy Edition/Pages: Kindle Edition Rating: ✭✭✭ Short & Sweet Synopsis: Successful but unhappy Chicago attorney Ben Holiday goes out on a limb and purchases the kingship of a magical kingdom in another world. MAGIC KINGDOM FOR SALE Landover — island of enchantment and adventure rescued […]

Heirs of Prophecy

Heirs of Prophecy, by Michael A. Rothman

Title: Heirs of Prophecy Author: Michael A. Rothman Genre: Fantasy Edition/Pages: Kindle Rating: ✭✭✭  Short and Sweet Synopsis: A typical American family on vacation in Arizona gets transported to the magical land of Trimoria, where they find themselves the subject of an ancient prophecy. Family Ties So, my first impression when reading a quick synopsis of this novel was that […]

Hunger, by Jackie Morse Kessler

Title: Hunger Author: Jackie Morse-Kessler Genre: Young Adult Fiction Edition/Pages: Kindle Edition Rating: ✭✭✭ Short & Sweet Synopsis: Lisa is a teenager who has enough problems on her plate dealing with an eating disorder she can’t admit she has, when Death shows up on her doorstep telling her that she is the new Horseman of the Apocalypse. Hunger, by Jackie […]

The Wizard of London

The Wizard of London, by Mercedes Lackey

Title: The Wizard of London Author: Mercedes Lackey Genre: Fantasy Edition/Pages: DAW, 2006/384 pages Rating: ✭✭✭ Short & Sweet Synopsis: Two girls with magical powers are sent to a boarding school in London, where they encounter more challenges than anyone expected. I have been a Mercedes Lackey fan since the very first book of hers that I ever picked […]

Talk Thai: Adventures of Buddhist Boy, by Ira Sukrungruang

Title: Talk Thai: Adventures of Buddhist Boy Author: Ira Sukrungruang Genre: Memoir Edition/Pages: University of Missouri Press, 2010/169 pages Rating: ✭✭✭ Short & Sweet Synopsis: The son of Thai immigrants must learn to reconcile his Thai upbringing with the American world he has to live in. So, the Adventures of Buddhist Boy…in the spirits of full-disclosure, […]

The Time Thief

The Time Thief (UK: The Tar Man)

Title: US: The Time Thief, UK: The Tar Man Author: Linda Buckley-Archer Genre: Young Adult/Science Fiction Edition/Pages: Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing, December 2007/488 pages Rating: ✭✭✭½ Short & Sweet Synopsis: An 18ᵗʰ century super-villian accidentally gets returned to the 21ˢᵗ century, taking the place of the young, modern-day boy who is still trapped in 1763 (ish).  Before you read […]