The Black Unicorn, by Terry Brooks

Black UnicornTitle: The Black Unicorn

Author: Terry Brooks

Genre: Fantasy

Edition/Pages: Kindle Edition

Rating: ✭✭✭

Short & Sweet Synopsis: Ben Holiday, ruler of the kingdom of Landover, has his identity stolen by magic, and he must prove to his friends that he really is the High Lord before it’s too late to save his kingdom and all of their lives.

The first book in Terry Brooks’ Landover series was good enough that I finished it and within twelve hours had started this sequel. If you haven’t read my review of the first book, perhaps read that one before this, as I will assume you have a basic idea of the plot. Also, minor spoiler alert, although only for the first chapter or two. Now on to the review!

Having now been High Lord of Landover for a year, Ben has just started to settle into the routine of things. New taxes have been levied, a court system set up, laws established. Nothing is ever easy in Landover though, and dreams of his old world begin to haunt Ben. He dreams that his best friend Miles Bennett is in trouble in Chicago, the kind of trouble that only Landover could stir up. In the same night, Willow dreams of the legendary Black Unicorn, and the bridle of spun gold which will control it. Questor Thews, court magician, dreams of the missing books of magic that would give him control of his craft once and for all. These dreams feeling much more prophetic than dreamlike, each sets out on their own quest. When evil wizard Meeks follows Ben from his old world into Landover and steals his appearance and his place as High Lord, Ben travels throughout the kingdom in a desperate attempt to find somebody who can see his true identity in time to save his friends and his throne.

Though I did not like the plot of this book quite as well as the one that preceded it, it was certainly a good, relatively quick read. I finished it in a few days reading in cafes at lunchtime and before bed, so nothing too heavy, just pure entertainment. Full disclosure, though: I never like stories that involve an already loved character being placed under suspicion and mistrusted by other previously-friends-characters. So, when I say I didn’t like it quite as well, that’s more my personal opinion of those type of storylines than it is of Brooks’ writing, which is always top notch. I’ve already moved on to the third book,  and *wink wink, nudge nudge* there’s a chance that the series will recover from this slight dip in storyline quality from here. Keep reading!


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