Magic Kingdom for Sale — SOLD!, by Terry Brooks

Magic Kingdom for Sale - Sold!Title: Magic Kingdom for Sale — SOLD!

Author: Terry Brooks

Genre: Fantasy

Edition/Pages: Kindle Edition

Rating: ✭✭✭

Short & Sweet Synopsis: Successful but unhappy Chicago attorney Ben Holiday goes out on a limb and purchases the kingship of a magical kingdom in another world.


Landover — island of enchantment
and adventure rescued from the
mists of time, home of knights and
knaves, of dragons and damsels,
of wizards and warlocks. Magic mixes 
with iron, and chivalry is the code of
life for the true hero. All of your
fantasies become real in this
kingdom from another world. Only
one thread to this whole cloth is 
lacking — you, to rule over all as King 
and High Lord. Escape into your
dreams, and be born again. 
Price: $1,000,000
Personal interview and financial disclosure.
Inquire of Meeks, home office. 

This is the ad that cynical Chicago trial lawyer Ben Holiday read in a Christmas catalog from Rosens, Ltd. The catalog was his late wife Annie’s favorite place to do her annual Christmas shopping, and receiving it the mail stirred up dark memories. Not long prior, Annie, along with Ben’s unborn child, had been killed in a car accident. Since then, Ben’s life had ceased to be about anything other than work. He withdrew from friends, stopped socializing with his colleagues, and worked seven days a week. Deciding that if he was to survive, he needed a change, Ben Holiday called up his financial planner and made arrangements for his absence for up to a year, told his partner and sole remaining friend Miles that he was going to be taking a leave of absence, and got on a plane to New York to find Mr. Meeks.

Eyes tell more about a man than anything he says. Eyes reflect a man’s soul. They reflect a man’s heart. Sometimes they even tell truths a man wants to keep hidden. – Meeks

Despite being skeptical of the claims made in the advertisement, Ben knew that Rosens was a respected company, and in any case, he didn’t really need the money. He took a risk, and got more than he bargained for. After having made his way into Landover, he found the kingdom…not exactly as promised. The kingdom had been without a king for 20 years, and the land’s magic was dying as a result. The royal treasury was empty, the army disbanded, and getting anybody to swear allegiance to this unproven lawyer from another world would prove difficult, to say the least. Not the type to give up though, Ben set out to rectify the problems caused by the absence of a ruler, and in doing so, risked life and limb alongside the ragtag band of four retainers still loyal to the throne – a royal magician with no control of his magic, a canine court scribe, and two monkey-like creatures called kobolds – to heal the kingdom, and maybe heal himself in the process.

What mattered was the conscious decision to make some change in his life, and in making that change to find something that would offer him the purpose of being that he had lost. When you held your ground, the old saying went, you stopped moving. When you stopped moving, everything about you would eventually pass you by.

If you read my review of The Sword of Shannara, then you know how much I love Terry Brooks’ writing. It’s fabulous. As far as I’m concerned, when I pick up a Brooks book, there isn’t much chance that I’m not going to enjoy it. So really, it’s just a matter of how much I like one of his stories as compared to another. While I do like the Shannara series better than the Landover series, this was still an excellent book, and well worth the time I spent reading it. The story is solid, the characters well fleshed-out, the kingdom intriguing. I found myself becoming invested in Ben’s story, caught up in the saga of a man who had lost everything, and was fighting to regain his life. This is a story of fantasy, but it’s also a story of humanity, of grief, and of perseverance. In conclusion: go read it!

*Note: I got it available as a kindle download from my library, so you might even be able to get it for free (temporarily, at least). Can’t beat that!

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