Heirs of Prophecy, by Michael A. Rothman

Heirs of ProphecyTitle: Heirs of Prophecy

Author: Michael A. Rothman

Genre: Fantasy

Edition/Pages: Kindle

Rating: ✭✭✭

 Short and Sweet Synopsis: A typical American family on vacation in Arizona gets transported to the magical land of Trimoria, where they find themselves the subject of an ancient prophecy.

Family Ties

So, my first impression when reading a quick synopsis of this novel was that I’d read this before: normal person gets transported to a magical land where they have superpowers they didn’t know about, blah, blah, blah…

When I started reading, however, I realized that I was wrong. The first clue was that it wasn’t just a singular person who was transported, but an entire family, and the characters were forced to face the struggles of this new world together, as a family. Okay, that’s something I hadn’t read before. Not a bad start. And once arrived in Trimoria, they met up with another family, and the two joined forces.

There’s something about this whole concept of an entire familial unit having to face the challenges of a new world together that I quite liked. It was a refreshing break from the standard fantasy layout of one hero with a goofy but loyal sidekick who goes on an epic quest to save the universe.

The Story

The story is composed of several interweaving parts, which I like, but without becoming overly complicated, which could be good or bad, depending on your reading style. We get to hear the story from the perspective of two American teenagers, a wizard, an ogre, and more, who have all found themselves caught up in an ancient prophecy that predicts a violent future.

However, this isn’t a violent novel. It’s perhaps one of the most decent, wholesome novels I’ve read in a long time. Perhaps as a result of that, I found the storyline to be just a tad too easy (Trimorians speak English, really?), but even so, it was more than worth reading. I managed to finish it in about a day on a bus trip across northern Vietnam, and it kept and held my attention for the entire time. It isn’t a long book, and I would definitely recommend it for younger readers, though many adults would surely enjoy it too.

The reason I only rated this book three stars is because while I’m interested in reading the second and third books in the series, I don’t have quite the burning desire to find out what happens as I have had in other series that I have read; however, if you’re traveling or on vacation or just looking for a quick, easy read, I’d definitely recommend Heirs of Prophecy!

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