The High Lord, by Trudi Canavan

The High LordTitle:
The High Lord

Author: Trudi Canavan

Genre: Fantasy

Edition/Pages: Kindle Edition

Rating: ✭✭✭✭✭

Short & Sweet Synopsis: Sonea begins to understand Akkarin’s motivations in learning black magic, leading the unlikely duo to wage a secret war against the growing tide of evil brought by the powerful Sachakan magicians.

Before reading: Check out my reviews of book one (The Magician’s Guild), and book two (The Novice).

So, the most important thing that I have to say after finishing the last book in the Black Magic trilogy is this: I’m really sad that it’s over. It isn’t too often that I finish a series and really regret that I read it so quickly, and that I don’t have any more novels to fill me in on the characters’ lives, but that’s exactly how I feel about this series. It was excellent. I’m attempting to finish some other books that I’ve bought but have yet to read (that habit of buying books and not reading them is what led me to pick up this particular series at this point in time), but as soon as time allows, I intend to go grab up as many Trudi Canavan books as possible, lock myself in my apartment, and go to town.

The High Lord was a wonderful conclusion to this series. It was written in a way that made me question the conclusions I had drawn of right and wrong, of good and bad, early on in the series. It provides the obligatory final battle between “good and evil,” but is more than just a mindless series of skirmishes or descriptions of battlefield gore. It is a well-planned and strategic ending to the trilogy (or at least that’s how it comes off). Although there was a definite conclusion to these books, I certainly hope that Ms. Canavan decides to come back and write some more of Sonea’s story (or Rothen’s, Dannyl’s, Lorlen’s or even Cery’s for that matter — she really did a good job with these characters of hers).

So if you can’t tell, I very highly recommend picking these books up…they make up a marvelous, thoughtful series that is well-worth the time spent reading it. Well, what are you waiting for? Get to the bookstore and get buying!

Until next time, A.


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